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My name is Julia . I am in my forties and originally from a small town in Ohio. I used to teach college but gave that up a couple of years ago and am now attending university once more to change my career (mid-life crisis maybe). So you are probably wondering why I am doing this. Well, when I was a young woman, girdles, stockings and garter belts were just losing their popularity to panty hose, and I, like all my friends were eager to switch to pantyhose as skirts got shorter, but I kept a few pieces of my original lingerie (I'm a bit of a pack rat). A few years later, I was seeing an older man who asked me to wear stockings for him and I couldn't believe the effect it had. He bought me garter belts, old fashioned stockings, girdles, crinolines. I was hooked. I started to wear them every day. I will be eternally grateful to him for sparking my enthusiasm and fetish for underwear.

I was soon noticing men were paying more attention to me when they could see the lines of my garters and girdles through my skirts. I started wearing tighter skirts, short enough to just (accidentally of course) show the tops of my stocking when I crossed my legs. I even started wearing garter belts and bikini (or brief) panties under pants when I realized how much men and boys liked panty lines.

In my more daring moments when I am riding on buses or at the mall, I will sit with my legs ever so slightly open if I notice someone looking up my skirt. It really makes me all tingly. When I discovered the internet at college, I stumbled on other women that had very similar interests and the thought of showing off like this was too irresistible. And I wanted to do it well.

So I hired a professional videographer (that was so exciting) and he did exactly what I told him to do and the images are here for the world to see. I hope you like the results as much as I liked doing these photos and videos.

Kisses, Julia

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