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Abigail's Sexy Stocking and Panty Videos
Ladies Lesbian Lingerie Lunch with Abigail Fraser and Judy

Judy is visiting Abi and having a drink in the afternoon.  They are both in the kitchen in their proper dresses and Abi has bought some new sheer briefs that she wants to show off to Judy.  Well Judy just loves them and tells Miss Abi that she too has some nice panties.   She lifts up her skirt and you get to see her tight pink nylon bikini briefs as well.  Abi plays with Judy's sexy pink panties and yellow garter belt as her dress is hiked wall the way up.  You get to see lots of great panty close ups (so close you can see the stitching on her panties). You lie on the floor and look up at Judy's panties and see her stocking tops between her legs. Off comes Judy's dress and she is just wearing her short lacy slip, panties, stockings and bra.  Judy undresses sexy Abi down to her sheer full slip then admires and fondles Miss Abi's enormous boobs through the nylon of her slip and bra.  Again you can lay on the floor and look up under Abi's dress and get a worm's eye view of her panties, slip and stocking tops.   There are lots of great scenes where you see through the girl's slips.   Abigail's slip is very hot because it so sheer you can see her wide garter belt bra and panties through the nylon and there are lots of great views of her panties through her slip.  Whatever will these girls get up to next?
Well, you are in for a great ride in part 2 as you watch both girls in their sexy lingerie.  There are some great lesbian kissing scenes and amazing panty shots.  Abi in her sheer vintage big briefs and Judy in her hot nylon big bikini panties.  Both girls are feeling each other's panties, which you get to enjoy up close.  So close you can see all the stitching on their panties.  They are still in their stockings of course and they grope and suck each otherís boobs which they pull out of their bras.  The camera angles are just perfect and you linger on their underwear from every angle as they kiss and grope.  Abi bends Judy over her kitchen counter and slides down her big panties, pulls her cheeks apart and licks Judy's hot and ready pussy.  What a hot scene as you not only watch Miss Abi's tongue flick across Judy's pussy, but you also see her on the floor, still in her oh so sheer white nylon briefs.  What a view.
Part 3....the conclusion is so damn hot.  I am sure you have been following Abi and Judy's adventure and are primed for the hot nylon lesbian action you just know is amazingly sexy.  Abi, still in her sheer white panties licks and fingers Judy to a breathtaking orgasm.  She shows you her rock hard clit and wet pussy as she spreads Judy's stockinged legs wide apart on the kitchen counter.  But now it is Judy's turn to whale on Miss Abi and she does it in style.  Abi is on her hands and knees and Judy plays with her panties and bottom.  In fact she spanks Abi so hard, you can see her hand print.   Then she doesn't stop.  She just spanks her bottom hard and then pushes Abi's white panties into her ass.  And after that spanks her fast and furiously until her bottom is cherry red.  Now she pulls down her panties and fingers Abi's asshole as she fingers her clit and pussy at the same time.  Abi is going wild until Judy finally brings her over the top with her fingers on her asshole and pussy and her panties stretched between her stockinged legs.  Wow is about all there is to say as you watch the two girls kiss and cuddle in their lingerie, totally satisfied.

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Totally Anal Stocking Lesbians Starring Abi Fraser and DirtyAngie

DirtyAngie has never cum from analingus before and naughty Abi Fraser is determined to show her how pleasurable it is. This very dirty video opens with close up view of Abi's tongue buried deep in DirtyAngie's asshole as she spreads her cheeks. Both girls are in stockings and garter belts and Abi slides her tongue in and out of Angie as she moans with delight. You see this from all angles with lots of great shots of stockinged legs as well. Abi's huge boobs are decorated with sexy black tasseled sequined pasties. As she is vigorously licking Angie's ass, her boobs bounce and her tassels spin as you watch her tongue exploring deep in Angie's asshole. She slides her finger deep in her ass as she licks it. Angie has a vibrator on her clit as Abi puts her thumb in Angie's pussy and plays with both holes. What an amazing sight to see. Abi lies on the floor and Angie sits on her face with her asshole over Abi's eager tongue. The two girls sixty-nine and Angie slides her finger into Abi's asshole and licks her clit. This has to bee seen to be believed. Angie can't fight it any longer and orgasms with Abi's tongue in her ass. If you love stockings, if you love lesbian action, and if you love watching two girls totally enjoy anal sexy, this movie will have you cumming in buckets.

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Abi Fraser's Kitchen Mini Skirt Striptease

Sexy Miss Fraser is dressed to tease and please in a mini skirt that is way too short and her stocking tops and garter straps are well below her hem.    Her sexy stilettos are too hot.  And Miss Abi certainly can tease with the best.  She lets you peek under her skirt and shows off the crotch of her panties as watch her from the floor below.  She slowly lifts her skirt and gives you a great view of her shiny red bikini panties and black garter belt.  The camera lingers on her pantied bottom for an eternity as she sways inches from your face.  You can see all the stitching and even the tag on her panties as she adjusts them and plays with her garters just inches away.  She strips out of her top and skirt and dances for your pleasure in her garter belt, stockings, panties, and oh so sexy push up bra.    She pulls out her enormous boobs and licks her own nipples.    This video presents her huge titties at their finest as she bounces and jiggles them as you enjoy her perfect huge bustShe pulls her panties down and bends over and runs her finger over her ass and pussy then turns and smiles and you realize just how much sexy Abigail Fraser loves showing off and stripping for you.  Only an older woman could dance like this.
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