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Lesbian Panty Lust A College Girl Fantasy Vintage Stocking & Upskirt Sex With Ivy and Angee
This is a dream college girl panty and nylon fantasy. Over an hour of nothing but what you love. No boring filler.  Stockings and suspenders, garter belts, striptease, panties, raised skirt, upskirt and underskirt views, girls kissing passionately, anal kissing and panty play, wet panties, double dildo and deep throat.  With two very pretty young ladies who love their nylons, panties, bras and stockings.  And just love to let you look at them. Ivy and Angee in skirts, panties, stockings, garter belts, and bras.  They are chatting on the bed and Angee tells Ivy how she caught a boy looking up her skirt in geography class.  Her skirt is so short it doesn't even hide her stocking tops.  Ivy is wearing a more modest skirt, but she makes sure to flash her sexy pink nylon bikini panties.  The girls kiss and cuddle and you get to see just how real this is for them.  As they get turned on, they play with their panties and grope their firm titties.  Angee is wearing bright pink panties, but if you look closely, which you can do often, you see that she is wearing another pair of very brief black thong panties underneath.  As the girls play, you are treated to many scenes of real nylons.  Angee is wearing vintage rht tan stockings and Ivy is wearing vintage tan ff stockings.  You come in so close you can see how their real nylons wrinkle at their knees and ankles.

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I know you will enjoy watching these two hotties lick and play with each other's panties.  Ivy just loves her little vibrator, which she uses outside her panties.   The girls strip for each other and as they dance, you are right under their skirts looking up at their panties, garter belts and stocking tops and what a view that is.   There are lots of long under skirt and upskirt scenes for you to enjoy.

The action gets very hot and sexy as Angee licks Ivy's very hard and very moist clit.   You are so close you can see just how horny Ivy is with her panties pulled aside and Angee’s artful tongue weaving its magic.  She knows just what Ivy likes as she licks her asshole and fingers her pussy, and this is amazing to see in close up.   As Angee is busy, you are treated to a sexy view of her wonderful bottom with her pink bikini panties stretched tight and her black thong peeking out.  There are many, many sexy butt shots of the girl's panties, just the way you like to see them.   Some so close you can see all the stitching and every wrinkle.

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Ivy is so horny now with her wrinkly stocking legs spread wide and her panties pulled aside and her pussy wet and swollen.  Angee takes a double dildo and lovingly slides it in Ivy's horny pussy and fingers her asshole as well.  If this doesn't make you hard as a rock, wait until you see Angee take the dildo in her mouth and fuck Ivy with it.   Angee is horny as hell and pulls both pairs of her dripping wet panties aside and takes the other end of the dildo in her pussy and rides Ivy wildly until both girls cum in spectacular orgasms.  These two always get so horny when they are together.   They then take the dildo and Angee and Ivy deep throat it until they have licked all the cum from it.  Damn that is hot.  Then, watch them kiss and cuddle again...a soft fetish fantasy, to end their amazing session.

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(North America, Japan) US $29.95 incl. shipping


(Europe) US $29.95 incl. shipping


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