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Panty Girls Alone Again With Dirty Angie and Busty AC

This is a fanfuckingtastic panty video. Two amazing panty girls that absolutely love lingerie and you get to see just how much because these two horny girls have been left on their own with a video camera to wear what they want and do just what they want and you get to watch. AC is a dusky girl with the biggest tits, at least double g and she is wearing a short little skirt and she teases you as DirtyAngie, behind the camera, asks her to lift her skirt. She just shows off her stocking tops before showing you her lacy white bikini panties. But wait, she slides down her bikini panties to reveal the hottest purple tiny bikini panties underneath. And she talks about her love of panties as well. She also demonstrates how she bends over to let strangers peek up her skirt when she is out. We all have seen girls do this to tease us, but when AC does it and tells you about it, it could make a grown man cry. Then AC takes the camera and DirtyAngie lets you peek up her skirt to see her white panties and she talks about her stockings as you peek. Don't you just love to see that little flash of panty up a girl's skirt? Especially in stockings? And then Angie, the dirty girl, pulls her panties aside and she is wearing two pairs of panties as well. Pink bikinis under her white panties. Its AC's turn in front of the camera and she strips down to her underwear and shows off. Her enormous boobs look so damn hot in her push up bra. But Angie can't wait and unhooks AC's bra and her huge tits fall free and Angie gropes her as she proudly shows off her titties to you. Angie gets spanked by AC and Angie also licks and gropes AC's pantied ass. Wow. is all I can say. Both girls now show off for you in their sexy panties and stockings and you watch as Angie, spreads her stockinged legs, pulls her panties aside to show off her hairy pussy and masturbates. Her panties are already visibly wet. She masturbates furiously in her panties with her dildo. Real panty fetish videos are rare and lesbian panty videos with girls who truly love panties are even harder to find. What do you think will happen next? We all know how Dirty Angie can be and AC is surely ready.
There is just so much to see.  Two sexy girls, both wearing double panties.   Angie gets AC to spread her stockinged legs and show off her panties just for you.   Remember it just these two hot panty girls making this video on their own.   And DirtyAngie has a plan.  The gets AC to roll over after telling her she is going to lick her asshole.  And she does..with great delight.   AC is masturbating and Angie is licking her asshole.  Both girls are still in panties and talking about how horny they are.  Then DirtyAngie slides her fingers in AC's very tight ass as she shakes her shapely black butt with orgasmic passion.  Now it is AC's turn to eat out Angie in her sexy panties.  This is such a hot movie as the girls work themselves up to a really big double dildo and fuck each other stupid with their stocking legs spread wide, and their pussies grinding and you can see their panties clearly as they cum with the sexy big dildo.  This video will make any true panty fetishist rock hard and is guaranteed a ten on the panty Richter scale.

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The Voyeur and The Vixen Panty Stroll with Public Masturbation Starring Dirty Angie

When you see girls walking down the street in tight short skirts and you get a peek at their panty lines and if you are really lucky, garter bumps, do you ever fantasize about watching them strip and walk around in their lingerie? Then you will love watching DirtyAngie, walk down the road, flash her garters and stocking tops and bend over to show off her panty lines. You are hiding behind a bush as she slowly hikes up her short, tight skirt and you see a flash of her bright pink nylon bikini panties, stockings and yellow garter belt. She cautiously looks around and ducks into the bushes as you peek at her. You wonder if she has seen you. You sneak up and watch from behind a tree as she strips down to her bra, panties, stockings, garter belt and heels. She hears something....possibly you...and she scoots quickly out of her secret place and runs down the road in her underwear. You are enjoying this public display of sexy underwear. You can tell Angie loves walking in her lingerie, and you are not sure if she knows you are watching.  So you have to be careful.   She stops, reclines in the greenery and begins to stroke her pussy on the outside of her panties.   She pulls down her bra cups and kneads her breasts so hard.  She gets on her hands and knees with her pantied ass directly in front of you and plays with her panties and rubs her clit.   This is a fabulous panty and nylon show.  Angie straightens the wrinkles in her stockings, then pulls her panties aside and masturbates as you watch.  You sneak in so close you can see her swollen clit.   She is oblivious to everything but her own sensual pleasure.  Her legs are spread wide as she fingers herself and tugs on her garter belt and pulls her stockings. Then she orgasms as you peek through the branches, but she hears something, possibly you and she sits up, but sees nothing.  Angie pulls out a big blue dildo and begins to suck it.  Possibly she is thinking of....we can only hope.
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