Julia's Sexy Stocking Compilation Three

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Groped and Fucked by a Man in Panties

I can't believer the nerve of this guy.   I am tidying up wearing a totally sheer skirt and you can see my panties, suspender belt, and stockings.  But is that any excuse for him to fondle my bottom, lift my skirt, play with my garter belt and bra straps, then grope my titties?  He seemed to think so, because then he took out his cock and started wanking in my panties and he even put it in my pussy and fucked me.   Then I realized he was wearing the sexiest, shiniest pink bikini panties and I just had to suck his cock while he was wearing sexy ladies underwear.  I love men in lingerie and I know how much you love to wear it.

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Bound Beauty

Sexy leggy Brandi hasn't had sex with a woman in a very long time. Bitchy Julia has tied her to a chair with nylon stockings. She is wearing a vintage black bra, big wide garter belt, black stockings and red slut shoes. Brandi struggles in her bonds to no avail. Julia walks in and berates her then cuts the crotch out of Brandi's sheer black panties. Julia gropes Brandi all over and pinches and smacks her tits as she struggles. Julia knows how to handle horny Brandi as she licks her in her torn and crotchless panties. Then she take a big dildo to helpless Brandi and a fucks her to orgasm then abandons her. You will enjoy lots of great black panty scenes on both girls, close ups of stockings, suspender belts and bras. And some very hot fem dom sex.

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Sex Starved Nympho Bound For Pleasure

Sexy Brandi is bound and gagged with a nylon stockings. She is blindfolded with another stocking. As she struggles against her restraints, a stranger watches, then makes his move. He gropes her tits in her vintage black bra. He pulls it up and rips the duct tape on her nipples. He slaps her titties and her pussy in her torn black panties. This guy shows no mercy as he pushes a dildo down her mouth through her nylon gag. He continues to slap and grope helpless Brandi then abandons her to Julia, for a hot fem dom scene. Julia jams her huge strap on dildo down Brand's throat then gets her on the floor and fucks her like a man....hard...very hard. She pulls her hair as she rides Brandi from behind, till, like the stranger before, abandons Brandi in her torn underwear.

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Strap on Julia, Outdoor Stocking Slut

I love being really sleazy in really sleazy underwear.....outdoors. It feels good to show off my tight pvc skirt panties, bra, garter belt and stockings. But today, I am wearing a black inflatable strap on cock. It makes me so horny to be this bad. Anyone could be looking as I masturbate in the middle of a huge lawn. I put my finger in my ass as I rub my clit and play with the strap on dildo. Then I walk around in my underwear making sure you get good close ups of my panties, my stocking tops, my bra and bra straps, and my very sexy suspender belt. You like a girl in stockings and suspenders, don't you.

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Sexy Sixties Secretary

I am wearing a yellow two piece suit and lounging in my living room. You can peek up my skirt if you like and see my lacy black full bottom string bikini panties and stocking tops. I know you can see my full length nylon slip. I let you under my skirt and I lift my skirt to reveal my stockings, sexy sixties girdle which you can clearly see my panties through. I strip, show off my lingerie, then struggle out of my girdle and change into a garter belt as you watch me. I slide the suspender straps underneath my panties then show off and even pull my slip down so you get a good view of my suspender bumps and pantylines. I pull my panties down to show off...well everything. I know how hard that makes you.
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