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Sexy Stocking Videos with Ashley and Jane
PC Jane in Panties, Garter Belt & Stockings, Deep Throat BJ, Anal Masturbation, Ass to Mouth
The title of this video just about says it all.  Sexy Jane is still wearing her police uniform hat, but other than that is wearing shiny blue hip hugger bikini panties over sexy sheer lavender hip hugger bikini panties, a hot demi bra to push up her perfect boobs, with a matching garter belt to hold up her sexy black seamed ff stockings.  The video opens with PC Jane on her knees blowing a young stud.  Blowing just doesn't describe this hotties talent.  When you see how well she does it, how she teases and slowly gobbles his whole dick you will be hard as a rock.  This guy is the luckiest guy around.  She slides her shiny panties off and shows off her sheer lavender panties as she is sucking his cock.  Jane dances, slowly in her panties, stockings, bra, garter belt and stockings and shows off her amazing lingerie, just the way you like. You will be treated to a tour de force of panty sex and some very hot anal sex.  Jane spreads her cheeks and he cums all over her gaping hole.  But this still isn't enough for this very sexy panty girl.  She fucks herself in both holes with her fingers....furiously.    Then she takes her finger right out of her assNot cheating.    No fancy editing.  She actually sucks on her finger straight out of her ass, still in panties of course.  Damn this video is hot.
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Ashley in Short Shorts, Long Stockings, and Bikini Panties
Ever see a girl walking down the street in those really short hotpants....and stockings?   Ashley does one hot, slow striptease in her hot pink shorts...that are way too short.   Her stocking tops and black garter straps show, and when she bends over, you can see her garter belt and black bikini panty lines clearly and she really knows how to show them off.  Her panties peek out of the legs of her shorts, which is drop dead horny. She dances over you as she unzips her fly, and slowly, painfully slowly reveals her sheer black bikini panties and her garter belt.   You are in for a real treat when she shows off her black leather, thigh high lace up stiletto heel boots.  Ash dances and teases in her underwear and boots with lots of close ups of her swaying bottom in tight black panties and her stocking tops and boots.  She takes off her sexy panties and finishes her hot show with her panties on the camera so you can see the nylon soooooo close as you watch her tease you.  This is stocking and panty striptease at its best.

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Jane's Sexy Panty and Nylon Show
Jane is very popular around here because she loves to show off her panties and talk about them. In this very hot video, she is on the bed with tons of panties. She talks to you about the panties and shows them off. She is wearing a very sheer and short red sexy slip with white full bottom panties, stockings, bra and a garter belt. She loves to let you look at her panties through her sheer slip as she talks to you about panties. She chooses a pair of bright pink, sheer bikini panties and puts them on, on top of her white panties. Jane shows you a pair of vintage, very sheer and frilly black panties and as she stands over you, she rubs them across her pantied pussy.  She asks you if you want a titty show, which she is more than happy to do as she encourages you to jerk off as you look at her. This movie is getting hotter by the minute. Jane pulls the sheer black bikinis over her other panties and shows off just the way you like it. Now, as she encourages you to masturbate with her, she pulls out her Sybian vibrator and deep throats the huge dildo, which causes her to gag but she loves it. Jane pulls all her sexy panties aside and climbs aboard the powerful machine and you watch as it slides deep in her pussy. She winds the Sybian up to full force, all the time commanding you to jerk off with her and who could resist. The Sybian is a guaranteed orgasm for any girl and Jane explodes, still in her panties, still talking to you. This is such a hot panty and jerk off video. Be prepared.

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